It’s not just about
getting clients

it’s about getting clients
that get you

Copywriting for smart service providers:
Use your signature style to write bold and sell big.


For the coach who questions:

I have a hard time articulating what I do. How can I have a website that reflects my personality and clearly communicates my message?

For the therapist who wonders:

Therapists are a dime a dozen; what can I write that’ll make clients choose me?

And even for the trainer who asks:

How can I be different without sounding weird? What does this even mean?

Read on…

Being a success in business isn’t just about being different

It’s about getting inside your client’s head, connecting their story with yours, and writing in a way that reflects the values of both you and your clients. This gives you: engaged subscribers, lightning-fast conversions, and that hammock on the beach in Spain you’ve dreamt of (or is that just me?).


Stop succumbing to writer’s block, or reading your words and thinking: Ugh! How can I say this in a way that’s less freakin’ cheesy/boring/formal?

Refuse to simply wonder: What words can I use to draw people in? with no answer in sight.

Reject the same mundane, clichéd words that everyone else in your niche writes (‘inspiring’, ‘tips’, ‘empowered’ – bbaaahhhh!).

And Instead…

Start writing using your voice, that also resonates with the needs and values of your clients (AKA you then become immediate besties).

Pinpoint those trigger words that not only make your audience buy your services, but salivate uncontrollably in the process.

Bring stories and emotions into your copy so you’re not formal, dull and devoid of personality (but are ravishing, relatable and really freakin’ fun to work with).

We’re here to get you doing just that

“Razwana has worked with me on every project from sales pages, to emails to sales funnels and has always delivered. She thinks about your target market. She thinks about what they want and steps into your shoes as the writer. She becomes you as she writes! She also has the ability to carry different voices depending on your audience, which is why working with Razwana is outstanding when it comes to testing your market and community.”

Rachel Feldman

“You did so much work on the front end to REALLY understand me, as well as my ideal client. It taught me so much to just watch you learn about my message, my voice, and my vision. As a result, it looked almost effortlessly easy for you to write copy that speaks to my ideal client and audience. You are able to communicate my vision and mission to my audience in such a way that they're not even sure who's writing what-- a real win! :-)”

Britt Bolnick

“Razwana is essentially a mind-reader who will channel your thoughts and capture your spirit and put it into words. She was able to capture the exact message I wanted to convey to my audience, and in my own voice! I struggled for months to try to write copy which she produced almost overnight. I would suggest using her services only if you want to stand out in crowded marketplace and if you place a premium on copy that makes an impact on its audience. I’m a fan for life!”


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