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So you can stop wondering will this copy convert? and ensure conversion? Is inevitable.

Enter your email address to download the digital guide to finding out what your clients really want to get from you. So you can stop wondering will this copy convert? and ensure conversion? Is inevitable


It’s not just about getting clients – it’s about getting clients that get you

For the coach who questions: I have a hard time articulating what I do. How can I have a website that reflects my personality and clearly communicates my message?

For the therapist who wonders: Therapists are a dime a dozen; what can I write that’ll make clients choose me?

And for everyone else who asks: Is being different from the competition the only thing I can do to get ahead? What does this even mean?

Read on.

Being a success in business isn’t just about being different.

It’s about getting inside your client’s heads, connecting that with your story, and writing in a way that reflects the values of both you and your clients.

And this? Gets you engaged subscribers, lightning-fast conversions, and that hammock on the beach in Spain you’ve dreamt of (or is that just me?).

So stop succumbing to writers block, or reading your words and thinking Ugh! How can I say this that’s less freakin’ cheesy/boring/formal?

Refuse to simply wonder what words can I use to draw people in? with no answer in sight.

Reject the same mundane, clichéd words that everyone else in your niche writes (‘inspiring’, ‘tips’, ‘empowered’ – bbaaahhhh!).

And instead …

Start writing using your voice, that also resonates with the needs and values of your clients (AKA you then become immediate besties).

Pinpoint those trigger words that not only make your audience buy your services, but salivate uncontrollably in the process.

Bring stories and emotions into your copy so you’re not formal, dull and devoid of personality (but are ravishing, relatable and really freakin’ fun to work with).

We’re here to get you doing just that


What to do now:

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Razwana is essentially a mind-reader who will channel your thoughts and capture your spirit and put it into words. I struggled for months to try to write copy which she produced almost overnight. -Vishnu
An hour with Raz was enough to help me understand my ideal client on a whole new level. What finally came out in the copywriting gave me goosebumps. It’s giving my new clients goosebumps too. I got two new ideal clients in one day!!
-Jessica Sweet
Razwana Wahid rocks. My tagline: ‘better blog photos’. Her version: ‘1 photo closer to internet domination.’ Need a copywriter? Hire her.
-Emma Davies