It’s time to declare a

Against the been-there-before, seen-it-already, run of the mill, like-everybody-else, same old same old words that bore us all.

Say no more to tried and tested failed words like empowered, inspiring, energized and be the best version of you.

And instead…

Use the words that most feel like you. Your personality. Your services. The difference that you bring. Because in a world where being different has already been taken? Being you is what clients will connect with.

Our copywriting services are
not run-of-the-dull-mill…

We blast all the typical marketing and copy advice, like:

  • “Identify your ideal customer first” – we show you when this works, and when this is a total waste of time
  • “People care about themselves, not you” – they do care about you. We’ll show you why

We teach you how to write – so you exponentially increase your sales, email open rates and actual empathy with the humans that read what you write.

This means every sales page, about page, email subject line, text and blog post.

We teach you how to do this, and we can even write it all for you. And we don’t apologise for using words like exponentially.


Founder Razwana Wahid and why your words are so damn important

As a business consultant since 2007, I’ve guided big companies and small companies alike, and one of the most important truths I’ve discovered is this:

People don’t trust who they like.
They trust who’s alike → There’s a difference

Our responsibility as business owners isn’t to make our clients like us – it’s to find those clients whose values align with ours, and serve them how we know best.

I don’t believe in big lists and imposing businesses. I don’t believe in numbers and metrics that feed the ego.

I believe in small lists (think small towns, not hostile cities) where the people that are in my community are treated with respect. They have a life, struggles, challenges, ambitions and goals. My job is to open up my own struggles and ambitions, so you can reciprocate.

Want the more intimate, vulnerable and no-holds-barred version? Read it here.

One way to ­know whether we’ll like each other is to know what our values and beliefs are. And my values are right here:


Above anything. Freedom to travel (I have a freakishly excited reaction to airports and aeroplanes, you guys), freedom to speak my mind without the fear of judgement, freedom to love my skin and freedom to lie on the beach with my closest comrade and share a bottle of red (although we’d need to sit to sip). And what brings freedom like this? Money. That’s important too.


Without this, I’d have no identity. Born in England to a Pakistani couple who wanted nothing more than for their daughter to grow up, marry a good Pakistani boy, bear some children and live happily ever after. I’m the girl who had the arranged marriage, promptly got divorced, moved to London, and then to Paris. They were not happy pretty pissed with my choices. I know a thing or two about courage, which is why I’ve started writing about these experiences on my other website: reGENERATION


With friends, with family, and with the children I’m yet to create. I connect with strangers whenever I can. The Metro in Paris is a lonely place without conversation. And so is the departure gate when you show up an hour before your flight time.


That part about the marriage, divorce, and city moves? It wasn’t well received by the family, you guys. But through their disappointment, frustration and anger, they etched a little more forward in their beliefs. And so did I. I once thought I would never be able to start a business, let alone one that means I can work from the country of my choosing. And now? I’m living it.

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