Do you promote people based on their ability to manage a team … or because they’re good at their job?

One helps your business. The other … does the opposite

Most people are promoted to manage a team because they’re good at what they do … not because they know how to motivate & mobilise a team for results

They want their team to perform well, but don’t know how to motivate them. 

Projects aren’t delivered on time and they blame themselves

They want to create a positive team atmosphere but don’t know where to start.

Without sufficient training, they struggle for weeks (if not months and years), learning to manage people ‘on the job’.

This can mean:

  • Conflicts in the team last longer than they should
  • Projects aren’t delivered on time
  • Team morale and motivation is low

… leaving the new leader at a loss as to what to do.

That's where I come in

I hand the keys to effective team management to leaders. Using practical tools, techniques and methods, you learn leadership skills based on emotional intelligence to motivate your team, give them an identity to buy into and a mission to stand behind.

And as a leader, you use awareness of yourself and others, coupled with effective coaching techniques, to:

  • Get the job done
  • Stop feeling like a fraud, and 
  • Start feeling like a competent (or even … (gasp!) … charismatic) leader.

Work with me when you’re:

  • In a leadership position and want a specialist to teach you tools for immediate results
  • Frustrated with an under-performing team and want to turn it around
  • Aware that leaders of the future need team management/engagement training but don’t know where to start

I'm Razwana Wahid, your training facilitator

Through structured courses, tailor made for you or your leadership team, I teach you tools and strategies from the world of psychology & neuroscience to help you develop your emotional intelligence, self-awareness and leadership skills to cultivate a team that's built for success

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