When it's time to have a difficult conversation, you can either bury your head in the sand, or get help

One helps you build better relationships. The other … slowly kills them

Most people avoid difficult conversations for as long as possible. Worrying about the outcome, not knowing what to say and delaying the inevitable

What if things were different? 

What if your organisation had a culture of open communication? If you could give tough feedback to a boss, team member or peer? Keep morale high during times of high change? Deliver the message of redundancies and minimise frustration and emotional outbursts? 

Without sufficient preparation, you can struggle for weeks to build up the courage to start 'the talk'.

When you or your colleagues don't know how to turn confrontations into collaborations, it can create havoc in your organisation. Leading to:

  • Conflicts in a team that delay projects and reduce morale
  • Talent leaving the organisations because of a toxic atmosphere
  • Clients going elsewhere because they feel hard done by

That's where I come in

I hand you the keys to managing conflict better. Using practical tools, techniques and methods, you learn clear communication skills based on emotional intelligence so you can turn any difficult conversation into a relationship win.

You can use these skills to:

  • Get your ideas heard
  • Speak up about sensitive topics
  • Manage your emotions so you can deliver messages with poise
  • Give difficult feedback without the risk of anger or frustration
  • Create a positive team atmosphere and keep your employees engaged

Work with me when you:

  • Must deliver tough messages
  • Have an underperforming team that must work better together
  • Are going through layoffs, big change or a PR nightmare
  • Want to reduce conflict
  • Need to stop blame culture or inappropriate behaviour & have open conversations about sensitive topics

I'm Razwana Wahid, your training facilitator

Through structured courses, tailor made for you or your team, I teach you tools and strategies from the world of psychology & neuroscience to help you develop your emotional intelligence, and conflict management to resolve disputes and cultivate a culture that's built for success

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  • How to manage your emotions during times of conflict

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