Mind Mastery:

Break the Shackles of Limiting Thoughts, Overcome Overwhelm & Live Authentically in Both Your Professional & Personal Life


So why do you feel so trapped?

A spouse that’s difficult to communicate with, colleagues and bosses that are challenging, or parents that you want to be closer to.

Or how about figuring out the answers to life’s biggest questions:

Why am I here? What do I really want out of life? How can I be happy?

And if you aren’t doing this for yourself … what can you share with your children?

Lead with courage. Start now

Mind Mastery is a two-day in-person workshop designed to help you master your mind.

Using tools and techniques from psychology & neuroscience, we unlock the power of your subconscious brain to increase your self-worth, communicate better and undersand others.

Join this two-day live training workshop where you will learn:

The secret to authenticity so you never fake a smile again

Mastering the inner game: 

How subconscious self-talk sabotages your behaviour (and how to change this)

Take away tools and techniques to your daily life. Use them consistently to build healthy habits to increase and maintain high self-worth.

And more importantly: Share them tools with your family, friends and colleagues. Be a pioneer among your peers (<-- how cool does that sound?)

The science behind why most people resist change and simple tools you can use today to overcome this resistance (in yourself and others)

Awareness of yourself & others:

 You’ll receive simple tools to master communication (to gain trust, discuss sensitive topics, or handle highly-emotional people)

Beat overwhelm & confusion:

On those days when you think: what’s the point? & doubt everything, this tool will help you find your purpose (and believe in it)

Mental game & confidence:

How to win at the battle of the brains by understanding how to make your conscious and subconscious brain work together

Discover your answers to questions like:

What should I do next in my personal and professional life?

How can I uncover who I am and my life purpose?

I just want to be happy - how do I do this?

How to overcome irrational judgements of others so you can create better results in relationships

When others rely on you, how to manage behaviour, motivation and performance to get the most out of all of you

Take back control

This two-day, live training will be full of activities, challenges and lessons. 

Apply these in both your personal and professional life to become a skilled communicator, understand yourself better, and take the lead in your life.

Your Host & Trainer

I'm Razwana Wahid, your training facilitator.

A former corporate bunny, turned writer, turned relational intelligence trainer.

My training in relational intelligence started seven years ago, following many years of turmoil with my parents (something you’ll hear a lot about during our training together).

From almost being disowned by my family for divorcing after an arranged marriage, I moved from London to Paris to Barcelona … keeping my career moving and relationship with my family intact.

With this experience, plus training certified by the Chartered Management Institute, I’ve created structured courses that teach you tools and strategies from the world of psychology & neuroscience.

They help you develop your relational intelligence, self-awareness and self-leadership skills to cultivate a life rich in self-belief.

Our training room will be on the top floor of the stunning Boo Restaurant & Beach Club in Barcelona.

Overlooking the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea, this tranquil venue will be the base of inspiration over this transformative weekend.

Take yourself out of everyday life. Shut out the noise. Focus and reflect.


Your Commitment

Fee for two full days training: 450,00€

Date: 25th &26th November 2017, from 10am – 4.30pm

Two days of training includes lunch on both days, plus two tea/coffee breaks per day.

We may even have wine :-)

No matter where you are in life, you set your own standards

You set the standard for how much you value and respect yourself. You set the standard for how others treat you. And you do this every day.

How would it feel to be treated with the highest respect by everyone, including yourself?

How different would your life be if you had the skill to communicate, to even the most difficult people, with respect for everyone involved?

Now is Your Time

Connect with yourself. Learn the simple tools that help you understand yourself and others more.

Whatever you think you deserve: Aim higher.