Finally, a step-by-step program that teaches you how to effortlessly make money from your webinar in the next 7 days, without feeling sleazy, sales-y or fake

With the Rock Your Webinar training program, you’ll be ready to host your first webinar in just 7 days.

Have you...

  • Noticed all those ads from A-List bloggers and 6-figure entrepreneurs that invite you free webinar training and wondered how it’s all put together so professionally?
  • Realized how effective they are and want to try for yourself?
  • Felt like it's impossible because you just don't know where to start?

The truth is, running a webinar is more about method and process than it is about being a charismatic host (that’s part of it, but only a small part).

And what’s more – the Rock Your Webinar program is made for complete beginners. Even if you’ve never taught anything to anyone, think the technology is complicated, or are afraid of talking on video.

Rock Your Webinar gives you complete control by handing you a methodical process that takes you from zero topic idea to a smash hit webinar in just 7 days.

What Rock Your Webinar will do for your business:

  • Give you control of the entire process: each of the seven days is broken down into manageable, methodical steps so you always know where you are.
  • Give you 10 different ways to market your webinar for maximum exposure.  
  • Ease the process with email swipe templates to send before and after your webinar, plus templates for your webinar registration page and webinar slides.
  • Save you money (between $3,000 - $5,000+) because you won’t need to hire a designer or copywriter. The course content reveals the exact methods a professional designer and copywriter used together to not only convert the webinar registration page by 61%, but pre sell a course before it was even created.
  • Take the fear out of the process by highlighting the mistakes most people make when planning and running a webinar, and how to avoid them.

The 7 Day Program Breakdown:

  • How to read the minds of your audience and pinpoint exactly what they want you to teach. 
  • Still trying to define your ideal client? Day 1 will give you the definitive guide to finally deciding who these people are (without just writing out a client avatar). 
  • Standing out in a sea of business owners offering webinars is no mean feat – we give you the definitive answer on how to be truly unique with your offering. 
  • The one piece of advice most business owners don’t get when they first plan their webinar. 

Result from Day 1: Your webinar topic is nailed!

  • The best day and time to host your webinar for maximum attendance (based on research, not guess work). 
  • Terminate technology turmoil: The definitive guide to webinar technology options, with a breakdown of price, usability and value. 
  • Our honest recommendations for the best platforms out there based on personal experience. 
  • For the webinar registration page, we show you our secrets to getting a 61% conversion rate. 

Webinar registration page – branding: 

  • How to choose a colour scheme that not only represents your brand, but engage the audience and encourage them to opt in. 
  • What contrasting colours are and why they’re essential to a rockin’ registration page. 
  • Why the right image virtually guarantees people register – and the wrong on can drive them away. 
  • What typography says about your brand, and how to pick the right one (Arial or Georgia simply won’t do). 

Webinar registration page – copy: 

  • What persuasive copy is, and why getting it right is essential for webinar registrations. 
  • A section-by-section breakdown of the webinar registration page that makes opting into your webinar a no brainer.  
  • The most important element of your registration page that, if you get it wrong, can mean the difference between hundreds of attendees, or just your mum and bestie.  
  • How to write persuasive bullet points that speak to the emotions of your audience. 

Result from Day 2: Date and time booked and webinar registration page ready to rock!

  • How to tap into your existing email list (no matter how small) to effortlessly reach more of your target audience. 
  • A fill-in-the-blanks template for email promotion that persuades even the hardest of sceptics to register for your webinar. 
  • How to automate every social media update, so you can hit a button and let it run on autopilot. 
  • Tired of social media? We show you the most effective webinar marketing method that most business owners think they don’t have time for. 
  • The 10 most effective marketing methods every webinar host needs. 

Result from Day 3: Your entire marketing campaign is scheduled ahead of time!

  • How to decide what to sell on your webinar (even if you don’t have any products or services). 
  • Page by page breakdown of each section of the webinar presentation and how much time each needs to take (this isn’t as simple as fitting everything into 30 minutes – there’s psychology behind it). 
  • The secret to ‘selling without selling’ on a webinar. 
  • Webinars can either hook people in or turn them away. We show you the exact words to use that capture the attention of your audience so they sell themselves on your offer. 
  • Designing your product/services sales page that not only sells your stuff, but grows your audience with it. 

Result from Day 4: Webinar content and product/service sales page complete!

  • How to effectively use practice sessions to get over our nerves. 
  • Key people that need to be present for your rehearsal to work (you can’t do this one alone!) 
  • A list of exactly what to test to put your mind at ease. 

Result from Day 5: Your confidence to deliver the webinar is sky high


  • We cover how the professionals deal with wardrobe, make up, lighting and technology. 
  • What to do with your computer desktop to make you look more professional. 
  • A list of things to check before the show has started. 


  • The one thing your audience relies on you to do (that you could miss). 
  • Secrets to keeping your audience engaged that doesn’t involve the skills of a stand-up comic. 
  • Managing time can be tough – we show you our exact method to time management during a webinar that guarantees you don’t over run. 
  • How to conduct customer research on the webinar that sets you up for the next. 


  • The one thing that you must remember to do, or risk letting your audience down. 
  • How to handle Q&A and follow-up queries. 

Result from Day 6: Aaannnddd breathe! The webinar rocked!

  • Why the end of the webinar isn’t the end of the webinar, and what actions, if executed well, encourage more sales and more opt-ins to your email list. 
  • Easy-to-swipe scripts for the two follow-up emails that are essential to send to keep your audience engaged. 
  • What key learnings to take from this webinar to apply to the next (you’ll become addicted to webinars, we promise!). 

Result from Day 7: Follow up actions complete for maximum sales

What happens after you click ‘Buy Now’?

Once you’ve made you payment, you’ll receive instructions on email on how to download the training.

The training material includes a workbook and training videos that you can work through at your own pace.

Yes, it’s possible to follow this training for 7 consecutive days and deliver your first webinar, but we all know how busy we get.

That’s why you receive all the training materials up front so you can work through them at your own pace.

And what’s more …

Included in this training is a recording of the live webinar we delivered that shows you exactly how to pre-sell a product that you haven’t even created yet.

Your Hosts 

Julie Harris 

The branding bosslady behind the creative madness that is Julie Harris Design.

Fueled by her passion for people, places, and new experiences, she helps creative entrepreneurs create amazing, unforgettable, passionate brand experiences, online and offline.

Razwana Wahid

The fabulous wordsmith and content curator behind Relentless Movement.

Her smooth talkin’, finger snapin’, fierce copywriting skills have brought success to clients all over the world and awarded her the title of badass bosslady. Want to make that big, bold statement that get your brand noticed? Razwana's your gal.

With our creative powers combined, we bring you an epic explosion of creative genius that'll help take your brand, business, and sales to a whole new level of success.

Still wondering if this is for you?

Look, this isn’t a hard sell. We’re not using ninja mind-tactics to persuade you to buy.

The truth is, you have three options:

Option #1: Go it alone

Google all the questions you’ve ever had about webinars, sift through the hundreds of opinions and answers, and scramble around until you find the answers you need.

This will cost you the most important asset of all … time.

Option #2: Hire a copywriter and designer

Those geniuses will make your webinar registration page, emails and webinar content look professional, but they won’t show you how to market your webinar, what technology to use, or how to organize yourself so you’re calm and poised.

And they’ll charge $5,000 plus for the pleasure.

Option #3: Get the Rock Your Webinar Training

It’s a 7-step training program that takes you from novice to webinar professional.

It gives you a workbook and training videos to work through at your own pace.

And what’s more? It gives you swipe files for email, registration and sales page templates that you can use repeatedly for anything you sell.