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For the love of all things holy, how do I write an email autoresponder series that makes buying from me a no-brainer?

Autoresponders, yo. What’s the deal?

Have you created one? Are they a total mystery to you? Did you dream about one last night and wake up this morning with an embarrassing amount of drool on your pillow?

(The last one was probably just me. And that right there? Was too much freakin’ info)

I was talking to a friend last week about the whole to-pop-up-or-not-to-pop-up thang (it wasn’t filthy – it was related to this right here) and I asked him if he had an email autoresponder series for people that opt into receiving emails from him.

He didn’t. He just relied on weekly emails to keep in touch with his audience.

Even though he kinda, sorta saw the value in autoresponders, he didn’t know where to start, what to write, and how to structure them.

Cue: idea for a new article. See also: the thing you’re reading right now. Add a dash of: stop clowning and get to the point.

So today I’ll give you my version of what makes an awesome autoresponder series for your business, and how to put one together.


Let’s get to it:


What in the name of Winterfell (Game of Thrones) is an autoresponder sequence?

It’s a set of emails, sent automatically, to anyone new that signs up to receive emails from you.

You set up the emails, decide when you want them to be sent, and they magically get sent. They’re not date specific, but time specific. Par example:

Day 1 – new subscriber receives email 1
Day 3 – new subscriber receives email 2
Day 5 – new subscriber receives email 3
… and so on.


Alright. That makes sense. Now, why should I bother with one?

Remember this article where I mentioned effective frequency? An autoresponder sequence is a smart, non-intrusive way for your audience to see your name/brand, and start trusting you.

They trust you not only because they consistently see your name in their inbox, but because you’ve given them value and they see you as an expert.

Which brings me on to …


What should I write in the autoresponder sequence?

As with anything in business, it starts with the problem you’re solving for your customer (and if you don’t know what that is, get this that’ll show you how to effortlessly figure it out).

You then take said problem and decide what immediate solution you can provide that gives a sample of your services, but doesn’t give your paid stuff away for free.

Let’s get more specific. Answer these questions to decide what to offer in the autoresponder sequence:

  • How have you helped clients in the past? What specific solution did they get that they loved?
  • What questions do most clients/subscribers ask you that you can easily answer?
  • What service that you provide can you create a mini-course out of?
  • What are your most popular blog posts (including guest posts)?

Use the answers to these questions to then shape the solution you’re going to provide in the autoresponder sequence.

If you have problem/solution overwhelm, consult tarot cards take the guess work out of it by getting in touch with a couple of past clients and ask them, from the list of ideas you have, which ones they’d love to get on email.

You then take this solution and create an email sequence out of it.


Now I know what solution I’ll provide, make like maître de and help, would ya? How on earth do I structure the thing?

You can pretty much have as many emails as you want in the sequence – you just need enough to get the point across, which’ll then lead to an offer of your services.

And yes, this all comes from what solution your audience wants, and how you’re offering this to them.

Typically, an email autoresponder sequence looks something like this:

Welcome message -> Content -> Content -> Content -> Content -> Content -> Promotion -> Promotion

Let’s use a couple of examples of how this can be applied:

If you’re a coach, you could offer the solution as a free download (infographic, ebook, video) and your email sequence could look like this:

Day 1: Thanks for signing up/here’s your free download and some background on me
Day 3: Ask how they used the download and give bonus advice
Day 5: Client case study (showing their results)
Day 7: Bonus material related to the free download
Day 9: Client case study (showing their results)
Day 11: Make your coaching offer
Day 13: Make your coaching offer again using different benefits


If you’re a freelance writer, your email sequence could look like this:

Day 1: Thanks for signing up and some background about me
Day 3: Issue 1 that most clients have and what the solution is
Day 5: Issue 2 that most clients have and what the solution is
Day 7: Client case study (showing what they results they achieved)
Day 9: Client case study (showing what they results they achieved)
Day 11: Make your offer
Day 13: Make your offer again with a case study

If you’re a Burlesque dancer, you’re email sequence could look … I won’t go into that right now. Email me if you wanna know the answer …


What questions do you have on autoresponders? Write them in the comments below and I’ll answer them whilst lying in my chaise longue and sipping Chilean Merlot (it happens (far too often)).

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Vishnu June 17, 2015 at 6:23 pm

Excellent post – I know autoresponders work but have been reluctant on using them in fear of once again, bothering clients. But I guess the reframe on that is offering clients what they want. I’ll be giving them coaching to improve their lives. Otherwise, it would never happen – they would never know what’s available, how I can help them.

You’ve convinced me – your last line on the burleque dancers – is that going to be a follow up post?


Razwana Wahid June 18, 2015 at 9:36 am

Well … maybe it is and maybe it isn’t … there are plenty of them in Paris so I guess I could help one of them out with an outline of an autoresponder series, right?!

I see a lot of coaches struggling with the marketing side of things when they feel like they’re bothering clients – pop ups, autoresponders, sales pages … they don’t want to sound sales-y and piss people off.

Your reframe’s excellent, Vishnu – if they don’t know what you offer, how can they improve their lives the way they want?


Marianne September 5, 2015 at 9:23 pm

I am totally in need of creating an auto responder. Your formulas are super helpful for these Raz!


Razwana Wahid September 7, 2015 at 9:25 am

:-) I may have to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to your blog to see the results :-)


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