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Dieting? It’s just like finding your dream job. Honest. {With some subtle swearing. “Quick, Johnny! Hide the kids!”}

By | British Asian, Coaching, Jobs, Values | 24 Comments

I hate the word diet. It reeks of ‘I’m looking for a secret to fix my problems and please don’t point out all the weight I will put on after this diet is over’. I’ve never been on a fad diet. Simply because I hate the word. And I know they ultimately fail. It’s not a secret. Ask someone who…

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Think you don’t take your personal life into the office? Think again

By | British Asian, Coaching, Jobs, Unemployment, Values, Work Life Balance | 13 Comments

The agonising pain as the stone hit my face, tearing my eye and leaving it blind for life. That wasn’t supposed to happen to a 5 year old, but it did. Insecurity, anyone? It isn’t funny when I’m looking at a child and he looks over his shoulder, thinking I’m looking at someone else. Even less fun when a client does the…

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