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A little word of encouragement …

By Raz WahidOctober 24, 2016Uncategorized



An eye for picking the right moment.




What does it take to start and grow a business?

It takes each one of those things.

It takes a combination of them.

But it all starts and ends with courage.

It takes courage to quit your job and pursue a business that gives you more than the job ever did.

It takes courage to make the move with no guarantees that it actually will.

It takes courage to try.

To live off very little while making your business comes to life.

Nobody really knows why people keep going while naysayers circle them (think: JK Rowling, Oprah, Harrison Ford).

There’s a fine line between genius and delusion. You can’t use a formula to tell you whether your gut is right or wrong. It takes courage to keep moving and find where you’ll land.

It takes courage to put your all into something that worked three months ago but won’t work today. To forgive yourself. To have patience for the long game.

It takes courage to say no to a difficult client. To stand up for yourself. To find the perfect balance between professionalism and I simply don’t enjoy working with you.

It takes courage to ignore what your head tells you and write with the customer in mind. Our instincts tell us to talk about ourselves first.  Wisdom and experience corrects this.

It takes courage to name a fee that makes you happy to do the work.

To understand that we all under-price ourselves in the early stages. To realise that your experience matters. To know that your fee isn’t attached to your self-worth.

It takes courage to adjust the course of the plan and change your goals. To see that those who judge you only reflect how they’d feel about themselves in the same position.

It takes courage to get up every day and start something new.  To see it as an experiment. To know guarantees don’t exist. To keep going.

What will you approach with courage this week?


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