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Dieting? It’s just like finding your dream job. Honest. {With some subtle swearing. “Quick, Johnny! Hide the kids!”}

I hate the word diet.

It reeks of ‘I’m looking for a secret to fix my problems and please don’t point out all the weight I will put on after this diet is over’.

I’ve never been on a fad diet. Simply because I hate the word.

And I know they ultimately fail. It’s not a secret. Ask someone who has been on one. Enough said.

But this month, I decided to join my friend Alan Chatfield on a 31 day quest to experiment with new Paleo-eating-regime and review this book.

It’s more than just no carbs/sugar, but that’s the basics of it. It’s also a way of life for those that follow it.

No faddy dieting here, Sir.

(Side note: Thank you MAY for gracing us with an extra day. 30-day quest sounds way sexier).

And after 31 days? My skin will glow, my body will rock, and I’ll be skilled enough to shoot a curve bullet from a gun Angela-Jolie-in-Wanted style.

Or something equally as awesome as that.

It’s day 26 and I am finally through the misery phase.

You know, that phase where you want to eat murder some bread, know you can’t, and ultimately want to slam it in the face of the person who offered it to you?

And that point when you realise who really supports you.

HINT: It’s not someone who says ‘if it’s making you miserable, just have some fries. You’ll feel better’. IT’S A FUCKING EXPERIMENT! WHAT KIND OF LOSER WOULD I BE IF I STOPPED WHEN IT GOT A LITTLE TOUGH?

Excuse me whilst I go chew on a carrot to cool off.

I don’t know why I didn’t try this experiment stuff before. It’s totally me. Oh hang on, I have. I experimented with weird sleeping patterns.

But that, chum, is a tale for another day.

This stuff sounds like my slice of pie  lime-coated avocado.

I am really friggin bloody minded. Or determined.  Or stupid. Those wonderful qualities combined make me a perfect candidate for this experiment stuff.

I enjoy being uncomfortable (no, not that kind of uncomfortable).  Living in Paris where there are more Patisseries than people and I’m going all-out no carbs? BRING IT.

I relish it when people think I am weird. Who else would ignore sushi-Tuesday in the office cafeteria and opt for a salad instead? What are you all staring at?

I totally hate following the crowd.  On Friday’s there’s always a colour theme in the office where we all wear something of the same colour.  It sparks camaraderie, or fun, or other such technicolour-Disney-level-vomit-inducing team building barf.

There are some Friday’s when I just don’t bother.  It’s all a little too….preppy.  And preppy makes my skin crawl.

Helpful little experiments like this show people for who they really are.  Not just me in my 26-days-and-counting commitment (the halo is on its way). But those so-called supportive friends who nudge you in the right direction by suggesting a freakin’ PASTA PLACE for lunch.

And the biggest lesson of all? I can apply this to anything. ANYTHING, I tell you!

  • Write to one new person I’ve connected to on Twitter daily
  • Wake up at 5.30am everyday including weekends to write
  • Give up watching TV

And if it doesn’t yield results, I can move on. It’s only 31 days out of my whole life.

What’s the worst that can happen (that hypnotherapy can’t erase)?

And what does this have to do with finding your dream job?


Think resilience

Think exploring what works rather than just analysing the theory

Think of something too – then add it in the comments


  • Melissa says:

    I guess you’re not the only one in a health regime.I’ve totally changed my ‘diet’ about a month ago, it’s really more of teeth problems not the weight… My brother paid a freaking amount of money to lose his weight, it’s The Right Attitude 3-month Project (not losing the carbs nor protein, but eating the right amount of food), but I guess he’ll have it completed in 7 months…

    * I like ‘relishing-that-people-think-I’m-weird’ part and not following the crowd, LOL…

    Maybe we could add, having the right attitude on something that suits us. I also think of commitment more than resilience (lol). I think one should enjoy instead of just ‘survive’ the 31 days so it’ll have a lasting effect and perhaps, continue with it if it’s good 🙂

    • Razwana says:

      Hey Melissa – the right attitude is a definite must. Or else the new eating regime feels like a chore, and WHERE is the fun in that?

      I am with you on having something that suits us. It’s so easy to be convinced by a fad, but I’ve found (and especially discussing it with friends who are doing the 31-day Paleo with me) that bodies are different – one eating regime does not fit all.

      How are you doing with your new diet? Are you loving it?

      • melissa says:

        Sorry it took me long to come back. Yes, I do agree with having different body types…I’m still learning from the different studies that we have.

        I’m okay with my new diet 🙂 That and brisk walking makes me feel better 😉 Thanks !

  • Vishnu says:

    Looks like you’re going to be having a set of super-productive 31 day experiments, which is going to be awesome to read about and follow your journey? I love the 5:30 writing sessions especially if it means more posts for us to read here on your blog.

    Yes, sticking with a diet is indeed a lesson in persistence and determination. I think breaking a diet is probably the top new year’s resolution broken every year, no? So congrats on being able to keep it up this long without getting too angry or violent with any carb/bread offerers!

    Yup, to find my dream job or life purpose, I had to keep going forward without quitting. Also, I had to walk the walk instead of talk the talk. Walking the walk has set me back financially, made others get concerned for my well-being lol and made me feel like I was disappointing my peers (in the legal profession) But I kept exploring what I wanted to do (through a series of job-changes) and it’s gotten me closer to my life’s work. Actually, I’m probably already there but I think finding our life’s job or dream job is a continual journey – not the end destination.

    Finally, I think my 30 day experiment (ok fine 31) is going to be more diligent in my writing. I’ve reduced the time spent each day and the word count regiment I had set for myself. BUt if you’ve fought off bread, I can fight my urge to watch silly pets on youtube and get to work writing.

    p.s. Here’s a toast to you – no, actually, I’m going to mail you a piece of toast in the mail. haha kidding:)

    • Razwana says:

      Mail me some toast at your own risk, V – at. your. own. risk.

      It’s so friggin easy to get sidetracked online when you want to sit and write! I don’t watch cat videos though V. One word. Why????

      What are you going to do to make sure you are not distracted? Will power or a system?

      • Vishnu says:

        hmmm I’ll go with a system – maybe setting small goals each day so I can try to meet those. ones that are more practicalb and doable which still is going to take will power to get it done. And I think the 31 days is a system – a habit forming one. Made it through day 2.

        Don’t worry – no bread coming your way. I will not risk my life by doing things like this. haha

  • Hiten says:

    Hi Razwana,

    I think it’s brilliant that you’re doing Paleo eating schedule! As you said at the end of your post, it is better to actually explore at the experiential level rather than analysing theory.

    It must be amazing living in Paris by the way! I need to get over to France more, considering it’s hardly any distance away from the UK.

    Have a great week!

  • Razwana says:

    All cities seem amazing on the outside. Daily life here is different, but it IS kinda amazing. I felt the same when I was in London.

    Come over to Paris Hiten – we can have a drink and, um, chew the fat or something. That is one weird phrase but you get my meaning !

  • Evelyn Lim says:

    Hello Razwana,

    I like your tell-it-as-is attitude. Your willingness to take up challenges and try something new is refreshing and motivating!

    Making it to day 26 is indeed something to celebrate about. I wish you much success with the diet!

    It’s great that Hiten and you are talking about London and Paris. Just 5 minutes ago, I was checking out a resort in Italy and wondering if I should go there on a holiday.

    Love and blessings,

    • Razwana says:

      Day 29, Evelyn! DAY TWENTY-NINE! I hope day 32 is not anti-climax-y…

      Which resort in Italy were you looking at? Perhaps I know someone who has been there and can give you their opinion?

      You can mail me raz@yourworkisyourlife.com if you prefer not to reveal your potential holiday destination here, cuz, y’know ….. STALKERS

  • Yes,now it could be said that doing Dieting in fact more harder than getting a job. Very well post.keep it up.

  • Hey Razwana,

    thanks for the mention and for joining in! You’re right, you can apply this to anything. 30 days is about right for these kind of experiments, whatever it is, and the more you try the more you find out about yourself and the more you realise you can do it!

    Well done for this one 😉

    a bientôt,

    • razwana says:

      Alan! Thank you for your comment!

      It was an awesome idea from you to do this and I’ve had a VERY enlightening May. Long may it continue!

      You rock.

  • Steve says:

    Yes! I hate the word diet just like you. When people say they are on one kind of diet or another, I just think they’re using some sort of gimmick to lose weight. I’ve never been on a diet before choosing to just cut out bad foods and exercise. Although, weirdly enough, I’ve been told by friends that my diet closely resembles the paleo diet. I do eat a little more than that diet says, but it’s strangely close.

    It would be hard to keep up with it living in Paris. All that good food you can’t have. But then again, I live in Houston and Texans are renowned for their barbeques. I cut out all of that.

    For me, it’s about committing to a goal. I think that goes for staying on a diet and finding your dream job. Both require a lot of persistence and determination. Wow, there really are a lot of similarities.

    • Razwana says:

      There is meat at bbq’s though, right Steve? I wouldn’t say no to that !

      Have you ever tried the 30-day challenge to achieve goals? What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

  • Trevor says:

    This was awesome Razwana! You had me laughing and fist pumping at the same time. I’ve done strict paleo in the past and saw great results with it. Are you seeing any results to show for your efforts yet?

    And I love how you show ways to apply this mindset elsewhere in your life. Resilience and exploration make for a great combo. I’d suggest going the no-TV route for your next experiment. I’ve been without one for almost a year and a half now . . . it’s been the most productive year and a half of my life.


    Fuck no!


    • Razwana says:

      Trevor! Great to see you here and thank you for taking the time to comment.

      With Paleo, I have seen a little weight loss (didn’t need to lose weight but every little lost pound helps!). The biggest impact was on my mindset – I CAN say no to food and I know where my limits are – for those I put systems in place so that I don’t have to rely on willpower alone to get me through.

      It’s like magic, baby!

      Y’know, I’ve been doing the no-TV thing for a couple of years now. But I haven’t gone so far as to throw it out. I’m a movie addict! But I know what you mean – not watching TV has meant time for a TON more stuff. What was it like when you first gave up ?

      My next experiment is to wake up at 5.30am every day. I started 3 days ago and so far, so good. The weekend sans lie-in is gonna be tough!

      • Trevor says:

        Good luck with your early mornings. Mornings can be such a wonderful and productive time. I think you’ll enjoy ’em.

        Honestly, I never missed the TV for a second. Well, that’s not entirely true . . . I still miss WWE wrestling (yeah, I’m that guy), but other than that it’s been freakin’ fantastic. I may be a little lost when it comes to world events, but I sure as hell know a whole lot more about myself . . . and what I need to do.


  • Dan Black says:

    It sounds like your putting good habits into place, doing so will lead to a better life and being successful. Making or breaking habit takes about 30 days, those first few days are always the hardest. Great post and thoughts.

    • Razwana says:

      It’s post 31 days now and I am finding some habits are very easy to break! Maybe it takes double the time in my case !!!!

      Thank you for stopping by, Dan !

  • Zainab says:

    hey….I have been on a diet since 2003. Lol.
    Great post Razwana.

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