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Enter your email address to download the digital guide to writing your Home, About and Services page like a pro (with templates and swipe copy). So you can stop wondering will this copy convert? and ensure conversion? Is inevitable

3 email marketing mistakes business owners make (and how to avoid them)

Man, do I have a treat for you :-)

(And if you’re a woman? The treat’s for you,too).

I have the pleasure of introducing the lovely Kirsten Thompson as a guest author on Relentless Movement today. She’s here to teach us all about the what’s and how’s of email marketing – and where you should start with it.

Also? She has an epic offer on how to put all the theory into practice, exclusively for you. Keep your eyes open for that one.

Without further ado, Take it away, Kirsten *motions to stage* …


How much of yourself do you see in the following:

You work hard on your article, spend countless hours photographing, editing, and writing…  make sure there’s a pinnable image in your post and social sharing buttons.

The day your post goes live, you spend more time creating posts for all your social media networks and cross your fingers that people won’t only see your posts, but actually click through to your website.

And if you’re really lucky, you get a comment on that post!

But what if you could get more by doing less?

What if you could grow your readership, increase engagement, and create a community, all without the use of social media?

What if you could achieve the goals for your business through email alone?

Let’s compare, shall we?

The average reach of an organic Facebook post is only 16.9%.  That means, if you have 1000 Facebook fans, only about 170 of them will see your posts unless you pay Facebook to show them.

In comparison, nearly 50% of email subscribers open and/or click through an email sent from your site.

Of that same 1000 fans, an email will be seen by at least 500 people, as opposed to only 170 with Facebook alone.

But not just any old email will do.

Today, I want to share with you 3 fundamental errors business owners make with their emails and what can do to avoid them.


Mistake #1: Sending emails inconsistently

Solution: Create an editorial calendar and schedule for your email marketing campaign.

Just as you should be scheduling your blog posts and using a schedule your readers come to depend on, you should do the same when creating a separate email  campaign.

Readers only subscribe to your site when they genuinely enjoy your content, so give them what they want, and do it regularly.  Subscribers will come to depend on and look forward to your newsletters.

Also, when you create a consistent editorial calendar for your email campaign, you begin to see the endless possibilities of content and can begin to treat emails as exclusive blog post for your subscribers.  (More on that in a minute!)


Mistake #2: Treating subscribers like any other blog reader

Solution:  Treat your subscribers like the VIPs that they are and reward them for their loyalty.

As much as you love receiving comments on your blog or social media posts, there’s a disconnect between you and that reader.  An email is an opportunity to connect with your readers on a deeper level and create brand loyalty.

Reward your subscribers, and treat them like VIPs, because they are!

Create a killer opt-in offer (need ideas?  I’ve got 101 of them right HERE).  Give subscribers advanced notice of upcoming events, giveaways, and sales. If you do sell products or services through your blog, consider subscriber-only discounts.

The better you treat your subscribers, the better they’ll treat you and your content, and the more likely they’ll be to refer you to friends.


Mistake #3: Copy &  paste blog posts

Solution:  While it’s perfectly acceptable to include your latest blog posts in your email, add other aspects to increase engagement and not look like a salesman!

We all want our readers to read our blog posts, otherwise what’s the point of writing them?  But if, in every email, all you do is lead up to the subscriber having to click on your blog, you can lose credibility very quickly.

Instead, add something of value to your email that will keep subscribers coming back for more.

Introduce your readers to other blogs in your niche, share behind-the scenes looks at upcoming projects, share an epic craft fail or funny story, and above all else, be personable and relatable.

Private emails allow you to share more of yourself openly than you might share in a blog post.  This is the prime opportunity to connect and engage with your readers.


Now it’s time to take action and create that killer email!

Not sure where to start?  I’ve got you covered.  I’d like to invite you to check out An Inbox of Opportunity, an in-depth e-course for bloggers & small business owners focusing on creating killer newsletters.

You’ll learn why you need an email list, explore the seemingly endless resources provided by the MailChimp platform, learn helpful tips to set up your email campaign, create customized and fully branded forms and thank-you pages, create awesome opt-in offers, and tons more.

Expand your community, create brand and blog loyalty, and build engagement with your readers through the power of a valuable email marketing campaign.

Emails don’t have to be boring.  This course will show you how to make yours epic and one-of-a-kind.

Let’s do this.  I’ll see you in class!

Enter code RELENTLESS at checkout for 10% off any of the three course options (Raz isn’t an affiliate).


Kirsten  Kirsten Thompson is the Southern drawl behind the blog Sweet Tea & Saving Grace.  Since 2012 she has created hundreds of email newsletter campaigns for both herself and clients like Yellow Bliss Road, Clean and Scentsible, Ella Claire, Domestically Speaking, Run to Radiance, and more.  When she’s not monkeying around in Mailchimp, you can find her enjoying a big ol’ mason jar of sweet tea with her husband and daughter in Georgia

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