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The two emotions that motivate (and which one you’re not using)

By August 15, 2017Uncategorized

He made me laugh.

That’s all it took.

(I’m not easy)

The most memorable leaders I’ve worked with all have something in common.


Or humor if you’re on the other side of the pond to me.

It’s not that they laughed their way through tough times – they’re not sadists. It’s that they kept things light and actually had fun in the office.

Bold, right?


In the office.

And it didn’t involve slides, free donuts or some random trinket with the corporate logo on it that you secretly file in the bin.

They made jokes. They brought their personality with them to every meeting. They were happy.

And if the business was going through times of stress, they didn’t cheapen it with humour. They rallied the team and handled it with class.

How? Because they were trusted.

And this trust built because they lead like a human being, not a boss.

How many leaders like this have you worked with?

I can count at least eight in my life.

More importantly: What difference would it make to you if this is how your team spoke about you behind your back?

She’s so funny (not to look at). I love working with her.

I trust him as the leader of our team. I feel like I can be my goofy self around him and he won’t judge me. Weirdly, this makes me trust him more.

He’s never without a smile. And it’s contagious. When he isn’t in the office, we miss him a lot.

Humour – the underdog of motivation in the workplace.

It brings dopamine rushes to the brain and makes your presence an addiction.  Your people are happy to be around you. You’re … fun.

How can you bring more of that into your team? Your family? Your social groups?

Leadership coach and author Mark C Crawley has an answer that’s easier than you think.

He joined Olivier and I on the Masks Off podcast to share unconventional (and very applicable) leadership strategies for leaders.

Using more food analogies than we imagined possible, Mark tells us:

  • How saying the ‘L’ word in the office won’t make you a weirdo
  • The key to building a trusting team environment, leading to higher productivity
  • How you can transition leaders from the ‘brain’ side of leadership, to ‘heart’
  • The only question to ask yourself when you’re choosing who to promote to a management position
  • Which company has ‘A wow customer experience’ as a value and how it smashes their financial results

Warning: Mark’s food analogies may change the way you see pizza.

Ready to learn while you laugh? Click here to watch the episode.