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The exit interview policy that gives you a strategic advantage

By Raz WahidOctober 24, 2017Uncategorized

I remember the exit interview well.

It was one of the worst I’ve experienced, so the memory sticks.

When asked for my reason for leaving, I didn’t hold back.

One of the leaders of the business used silent treatment to intimidate me. He was a bully and getting away with it. Was the business enabling him? Others had experienced the same as me but didn’t put in a serious complaint. If a complaint isn’t registered, does a problem exist?

I held my hand up to my side. I didn’t speak up sooner. I know I need to be more assertive.

And that’s what was discussed more.  How I should change my behaviour. What responsibility I had. What I should have done differently.

His behaviour wasn’t questioned.

Everything else was noted in my ‘file’.

What I said about the leader? Not so much.

In fact, not at all.

Nothing was written down. Everything was glossed over verbally. But nothing was written down.

And I felt cheated.

Like I was part of a system that accepted bullying and figured it was just BAU.

When people complain, it isn’t always a solution they’re after:They simply want to be heard

A basic: that sounds like it was tough often does the trick to take the sting out of the experience.

My words weren’t acknowledged. They were greeted by deaf ears. Like they didn’t matter.

In turn, I decided I’d never work for that business again.

I’d absolutely work for the leader of the team I was in again. I’d follow him off a cliff.

But for that business? Never.

No matter how much I respected others in the business or enjoyed working in the team. A business that turns a blind eye to bullying was definitely not for me.

Like your first day in the office, exit interviews set the tone for the experience your employee has.

How you treat them as they’re leaving makes the difference between whether they consider returning to work for you, or bad-mouth your business at every opportunity.

The reputation of your organisation depends on it.

So why do so many companies do exit interviews so badly?

Does it all have to end so quickly?

Are they just following policy and taking the human out of it?

And more importantly – how can an exit interview be done well?

Enter: Lee Caraher.

CEO, author and speaker, Lee has recently written a book on how to inspire lifetime loyalty from employees, which includes scripts and ideas on how to bring human back into exit interviews.

Lee’s also a guest on the latest episode of Masks Off.

Click here to watch it now.

During our talk, Lee reveals:


  • The tough conversation all leaders must have with each employee. On repeat
  • How to fix inefficiencies in your organisations before they arise
  • When an employee leaves the business, how to turn them into your best sales person
  • How to expertly handle the tension between millennials and the ‘older generation’ in your organisation
  • The biggest disappointment leaders have with millennials, and how to avoid it


Lee is direct with zero BS. Watch this episode if you want to have a word-for-word script on how to encourage loyalty from your employees from day one.

Here’s the link to the episode again.

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