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When will the future involve flying cars?

By February 6, 2018Uncategorized


The future.

What will we do next?

We’ve all experienced organisations that pay lip service to this.

Three-day strategy workshops are held, aiming to define how the organisation will look five or ten years from now … only for the documents created to gather virtual dust while we get on with the real work.

You may have worked in an organisation that doesn’t do this. The one that has a strategy and it sees through, pushing boundaries of belief and transforms itself like it promised it would.

What have you done to shape the future of your organisation?

Whether it’s you running the show solo, your team, or the entire business – it makes sense to take time to plan a route you’ll follow into the future.

What’s your vision for how the environment around you will look and feel in three or five years’ time?

What are you aiming for? What products or services will you have, and which clients will buy them?

What technology will support you and where will you team be located? What’s your digital transformation plan?

It’s questions like this that our recent guest on Masks Off begins asking his clients.

Andrew Grill, the practical futurist, helps organisations to not only see into their future, but apply the vision to their business today.

He joined us to answer questions like: Will the gig economy last? Should millennials sit in on board meetings? And what place does virtual reality and AI realistically have in our ways of working?

This interview is for you if you’re ready to embrace digital transformation and want practical ideas on how to make your organisation less resistant to change.

Click here to watch the episode.

With this in mind, Andrew also shares with us:

  • Are you a prayer, a stayer or a player? Head to min 13:31 to find out!
  • What a practical futurist is and why your business needs one
  • The best time to react to disruption in your industry
  • The missing piece in your boardroom that’s stopping innovation in your business
  • Augmented and virtual reality and its place in organisations today

Here’s the link to the episode again.



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