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What’s integrity got to do with it?

By Raz WahidOctober 19, 2015Values

What do your marketing methods say about you?

What do they say about the people that buy from you?

And more importantly – what do they say about what you think of those people?

A lot of clients tell me that they read their website and feel uncomfortable with it. Or they understand why they need to have certain messages on email autoresponders, but don’t like the idea of it.

Or simply: they hate marketing – but that’s a story for another day.

You know what I think? This:

When you market in a way that reflects your values and beliefs, everything you write feels like you

Because your values are in the driver’s seat. You’re putting your heart on the page. And you’re marketing with your beliefs on your sleeve.

You’re not following a formula with a vague hope it works. Instead, you’ve understood the marketing formula, seen it action, and applied it with your own spin.

And that spin reflects your values and beliefs.

It’s like those sections on sales pages that outline who a course is for, and who it isn’t for:

This course if for you if you work hard, like seeing concrete results, and are dedicated enough to see things through.

This course isn’t for you if you don’t like money, don’t want to work with human beings and think the colour blue only looks good on whales.

I’m exaggerating, but you get my point.

Those sections on sales pages irritate me massively, and you’ll never find me including them in any of my work.

Why? Because I value respect and believe people should be communicated to like they’re intelligent human beings.

And if you’re with me, it’s likely that you believe in the same things too.

Another case in point: Opt-in boxes that have embedded choice consequences.

Like this:


The aim of these boxes is to make you rethink clicking the ‘no’ option and drive you towards the ‘yes’ option by focusing on the benefits of saying yes.

I’ve seen the stats, I know the kinds of results they get, and I can see why they work.

And yet … every time I see one of those boxes, I feel insulted, and lose a tiny bit of respect for the person using them.

And when I don’t respect them, I don’t trust them. And when I don’t trust them, I don’t buy from them.

So, I don’t use these types of opt-in boxes in my marketing.

I care less about what the stats say about conversion rates for boxes like this, and more about what these boxes say about me. And more importantly, what they say about what I think of my audience.

Which means I value respect and believe in treating people as intelligent human beings.

Hhmm … notice a pattern?

Side note: I’m not against pop-up boxes in general. I may be the only person on earth who thinks they’re useful.

So … when you’re creating your marketing material – be it blog posts, Facebook updates, sales pages, or anything else, consider the following:

    • Why am I doing this? Because I read it works and I want to test it, or I want it to work full stop?
    • What does this say about what I think of my audience?
    • What does this say about my values and beliefs?
    • Does this feel like me?

Because when you’re marketing with your values and beliefs front and centre, you not start from a place of integrity, but you attract exactly the kind of person you want to work with.

And who can say no to that?

I’d love to know: When have you seen a marketing tactic work based on statistics, but haven’t use it? Why haven’t you used it? Answers in the comments! (if you’re a subscriber – head over to our Facebook group and share there >>> far more efficient)

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