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LinkedIn update…

By January 22, 2019Uncategorized

I love unexpected guests.

When friends are in the neighbourhood and decided to come and say hello.


If an unexpected guest arrives and I have zero to eat or drink in my apartment…there’s nothing worse.

** Side note** My mum’s really good at anticipating this.

When I was a child, we’d always have neighbours popping in to say hello. And Mum always had food prepared to offer them.

(she even hid sweets and chocolate from my brother and I to save it for guests… but that’s another story)

She had this food-for-surprise- guests thing in the bag.

But enough about Mum … back to me 🙂

When a friend comes in, I’m both excited to see them and in a panic about what to do about food and drink.

While my face is all smiles and hellos, my mind is in a frenzy, debating what I can make with some dried pasta and a random onion.

I then apologise profusely to my friend who hangs out at my place while I run to the supermarket and buy food to cook or snacks to eat, returning home a sweaty mess, but armed with the goods.


I’d love to be more prepared (like my mum always is).

It reminds me of an experience I had with a client recently.

She was considering changing jobs and stumbled across an opening for a company she admired, for a job she knew was perfect for her.


Her CV was outdated by four years, her LinkedIn profile was the same, and she had zero clue on what to write in a cover letter for the job.

So she came to me to help her with all three….to be delivered the next day because that was the deadline to apply for the job.


I decided to take the project on. I love a challenge!

After an hour on the phone together combing through her professional experience (getting concrete numbers, projects delivered, size of teams managed and evidence matching her skills to the job description), I got to work.

Four hours later, I handed her the finalised CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter ready to send.

It was exhausting, but we managed it.

We both wish it could have been different, though.

Since she was already looking for a new job, having her CV and LinkedIn profile updated would have taken the pressure off and stopped the last-minute scrambling around to prepare her documents to apply for her dream job.

… much like me and my unexpected-guests-but-no-food scenario 🙂

If you’re thinking about changing your job and have a CV or LinkedIn profile that needs an update, get in touch

I can either write the entire thing from scratch or edit what you already have. Plus, we can focus on a specific job, or create a generic CV or profile…

So when the perfect job comes along, your CV and profile are ready to go.

Just email me and we’ll take it from there.