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Get musical with your words

By Raz WahidOctober 26, 2015Values

Hands up if you’ve heard Adele’s new song and stopped in your tracks?

Or did you fall into the camp of she’s milking the success of Someone Like You and workin’ the same sound?

Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that the emotional impact of the song’s high.

And it got me asking – why?

(accidental rhyming – gotta love it)

Why is it that certain songs evoke tears, memories, and sadness, while others just fall flat?

It’s something I also wondered about while watching an episode of The Naked Choir (it’s not as wrong as it sounds, I promise).

In this British show, amateur a cappella singing groups compete to win (well … I don’t know what they win, but I guess it’s the actual winning that counts, right?!).

This clip of one of the singers being asked to really connect with Sinead O’Connor’s version of Nothing Compares to You before she starts singing the opening line is fascinating.

And you won’t believe what happens next!

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. This isn’t a ploy to make you click the link.

What happens is that she feels the emotion of the song, connects it to something that happened to her, and starts crying while singing.

That’s powerful.

When Prince originally wrote the song, the genius of his lyrics was in the detail.

He didn’t just write: It’s been a while since we last connected and I’m hurting, which could have been enough to get the message across.

But he got specific: It’s been seven hours and fifteen days, since you took your love away

And by getting this specific, he hits us right in the gut.

How many of us have felt hurt after someone we love left, and had a moment when we’ve counted how long we’ve been apart … only to feel the pain increasing?

This song does the job of getting into the detail of how most of us experience that, and we can’t help but connect to it. Adele did the same in her new single.

So, why am I bringing up music and emotional lyrics on a day like this?

I talk a lot about emotional connection in writing, and how weaving stories into your copy increases that connection ten-fold.

It’s this connection that eventually makes the sale. Because the more of yourself that you share, the more your audience will recognise parts of themselves in you, and connect with you in a way that they don’t with other business owners.

Why? Because being vulnerable in writing’s tough – and not everyone can do it.

And music can teach us a lot about not only how vulnerable one person can be, but the impact it has on sales.

If Adele hadn’t been as vulnerable as she was when writing Someone Like You, would she have received the critical acclaim she did? Unlikely.

Weaving personal stories into your branding’s easier on email than it is on sales pages.

Not that there isn’t a place on sales pages for stories, but the likelihood of someone just stumbling on your sales page and connecting with you is low (compared to someone reading your emails consistently).

In emails, you have the opportunity to share more about yourself over a period of time (think of how well you know me now after reading The Friday Rap Session emails, for example),and your readers have the chance to reply to you and engage in a conversation.

Now that we’ve established that emotional connection on emails is possible, we come to the question of how to achieve it. How do we write stories to connect us with our audience? How detailed should we get?

I’ve recorded a video on exactly how to achieve it and posted it to our Facebook group.

Click here to access the group and tell me:

What’s your biggest challenge when writing to connect with your audience?

What to do now?

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