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How to never buy another course you don’t need. Like, ever

By Raz WahidOctober 3, 2016Uncategorized

New ideas – aren’t they just thrilling?

One day, you’re floating along your day-to-day business practices, blissfully confident in working with clients or signing new ones then … BAM!

An article floats into your LinkedIn feed about some random blogger who made gazillions of dollars (approx.) from an email list of 500 using this super-effective technique that she teaches you right there in the article.

No opt-ins. No webinars to register for. Not even a Facebook group to join.

She lays in all out for you, from A-to-ivory-tower-cackling-Z.

And neurons start firing faster in your brain.

If she can do it, so can I! All I have to do is follow what she’s done.
Right, I’m gonna need a new website, brand new Twitter profile and perhaps a new Facebook group just to get some conversation going.
I was looking for a way to make getting new clients easier!
What if this is it?

So, instead of doing what’s worked so far, you head off in this new direction. It’s filled with the promise of giving you what you need, with no guarantee it’ll necessarily work for you.

But rather than testing it small scale, you go all in. Because: why not? Go big or go home, amIright?

Only, three months down the line, you’re still scrapping with CSS, can’t get your head around this branding malarkey and the posts in your new Facebook group are swaying to the sound of crickets.

New ideas: Hideous distractions masquerading as solutions

Here’s the deal with this here internet: It hands you all the shiny things, if you look in the right places.

And you’re always looking in the right places.

The emails you subscribed to. The groups you’re part of on social media. The YouTube videos you watch and the private messages you receive.

You can’t get away from ‘em.

It’s like strolling down a market in Marrakech and getting bombarded with pleas to buy a lavishly decadent gold lantern – it’s inevitable.

It’s also the best way to distract you from what you already have in your sights – the things that already work in your business and the plans you already have in play.

So how does one drown out all the noise?

The solution isn’t to immediately unsubscribe from every email list, remove yourself from all social media and effectively go rogue.

You have all that in your life for a reason – so there’s enough reason to keep it.


::1 Get yourself one goal to focus on
::2 Measure every new idea against the goal

The goal doesn’t have to be audacious, stretching or awe-inspiring.

It just has to be a goal you’re happy to achieve.

It could be an income goal, the number of clients you sign in a month, or how many hours a week you want to work.

Whatever you choose, just choose one goal.

Then, whenever a new idea comes to you, decide whether this idea will get you closer to your goal, or distract you away from it.

If your phone pings with Facebook messages, you see an ad for a new course, or a sales page has you salivating to buy and buy now … ask yourself:

Are you, shiny new thaang, helping me achieve my goal or not?

If it is, go get it.

If it isn’t, forget it.

Goals, you guys.

Don’t distract … Decide

In the video accompanying this article over in our Facebook group, I talk through how you can apply this theory to literally everything else in your business – and why it works.

Click here to watch.

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