Sales Call MasterClass


For business owners who’ve just booked a call with a potential client and immediately think: Oh, $*#!. This workshop will help you land more projects, get higher fees, and effortlessly secure more long-term clients

How to effectively use proven scripts at every step so you can drop the nerves and land more projects.

We’ll show you:

  • Specific techniques to quickly determine if a client is even worth your time
  • The truth about creating immediate trust with a prospect (it’s not what you think)
  • The art of the follow-up without being intrusive or pushy
  • A 30-minute technique for pre-call client research to create incredible value for them without even trying
  • How to take authoritative control of every call from the very beginning 
  • A simple framework to skillfully lead the prospect where you want them to go (without sounding sleazy). 
  • The best way to ask the right questions at the right time 
  • How to handle every objection a prospect could ever throw at you (yes, even the dreaded, “We can’t afford it”)

When you finish the Masterclass, you’ll have the exact words you can use to start the call, lead it in the right directionclose it out and land the client. 

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