The Big Hit


(aka your swoon-worthy sales page)

Some call it a sales page. Others call it a squeeze page. Some crazies call it a landing page.

All you want is the page to do is sell – whether it’s your wicked upcoming webinar, priceless product, or shiny new service – you just want one page to show the world what your goods are made of.

And your goal is to get it written. So you can move onto other important things, like serving your clients and running your business.

One page (2,000 words max) of expertly written copy that oozes the essence of everything your product or service offers. It deftly declares your brand voice, and makes anyone reading it scramble for their credit card – they’re on a mission to work with YOU.

  • You make your payment
  • You complete a questionnaire that we then run through together so we can get to the heart of your message, your business and your clients
  • I dedicate time to researching the hell outta your target audience to understand their worldview and why they want to hire you. I take your brand, my research, and cultivate a sales page for you to review (2,000 words max)
  • We have a final call to go through the deets and I edit before presenting the final page
  • And you walk away with an optimised page of copy that not only reflects you and your brand, but is persuasive enough to allow people to buy/sign-up/serenade you without question.

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