The Essential


It’s called The Essential for a reason.

Y’see, most coaches put up a sales page for their product, service or webinar and expect that simply driving traffic to it will create sign-ups, sales and new customers.

And if written well … it may do that. But mostly, the sales page misses one major thing:

An email sequence formed around the entire sales experience.

It’s this email sequence that turns someone who maybe-someday-if-I’m-not-washing-my-hair would consider buying from you, into someone who builds a relationship with you through your email sequence and not only becomes your biggest fan, but your most loyal advocate.

Why? Because the email sequence and sales page for your campaign not only educate your potential client on how your creation will benefit their life, but gives them so much value for free that they can’t wait to see what your paid offering will give them.

And the bonus? You don’t have to do any selling at all. You’ve created so much trust and value that your audience will be calling you to start working together.

  • One sales page that sells your webinar/workshop, product or service
  • An email sequence formed around 6 irresistible emails that lead up to the sale. For a webinar, this email will lead up to the live webinar, and then sell your product/service post-webinar.
  • The bottom line? More engaged, happy clients that trust you – and you love working with

  • First thing: You make your payment to secure our time
  • Second thing: A detailed, now-I-know-you-better-than-your-Mum questionnaire where we begin to flesh out your brand and clients together.
  • Third thing: Once we receive the questionnaire, we’ll have an hour together (or longer if needed) on Skype/Google Hangout where we analyse, discuss and dissect every aspect of your clients and business. We tease out the messages you want to convey on your site, and write the story that best represents you.
  • Fourth thing: On the same call, we agree the project timelines and deliverables. I then, independently, deep-dive into the mind set of your audience and clarify how to best sell you.
  • Fifth thing: Your copy, with all the pages and emails we agreed on, presented to you as a first draft.
  • Sixth thing: After you review the copy, I edit to finalise and perfect the masterpieces –  these then are the gems that go on your website so you can sit back and watch the sales pour in.
  • Final thing: Wine. To celebrate (of course).