The Stroke of Genius


So, you continuously write slog over emails and blog/articles that get nothing but crickets.

You read what you’ve written and immediately wonder:

  • Does this speak to my target audience? Am I getting my point across clearly?
  • Is there anything I’ve missed or should be writing more about?
  • Would anyone actually buy/share this?
  • Have I used the correct structure?
  • Is the page too busy? Does it make sense? Does it flow?

What you want most is an engaged community that reads your work and does one (or all) of the following:

  • Hits reply and tells you your words are what they look forward to every week
  • Reads your email/blog post and feels compelled to rave about you on social media
  • Hits forward and shares your work with their trusted friends (while gushing over the gem they’ve just discovered)
  • Is so impacted by the story you weaved into the lesson that week that they’re enthusiastically booking to work with you – without you even having to ask

That, my friend, is the power of an expertly-written email or blog post.

For a buck and a handshake, we can edit your copy for you – every month.

  • My time, booked in advance, every month, to edit the blog posts or emails you’ve written
  • One 60-minute game-plan call at the start of the month where we conspire to construct your messages for the month
  • 4 blog post edits or 4 email edits
  • I go through each and every word you’ve written and optimise it so that it does what it’s supposed to – sell, convert, and make your competitors wish they were you
  • A cannot-be-ignored headline/subject line for each post/email that appeals to the deepest emotions of your audience (i.e hooks them in so they want to read on)
  • Irresistible calls-to-action so your audience do what you want them to do (sign up, share, buy)
  • You stop wondering: Is my message clear? and Is my writing making an emotional impact? Or even: What would Olivia Pope do?

This is a monthly commitment from us to you.

  • You make your first payment to secure my time. You’re then billed monthly on the same day
  • You complete a questionnaire that we then run through together on our first game-plan call, so we can get to the heart of your message, your business and your clients
  • Together we agree delivery dates for you sending me the copy that needs editingI edit the copy and send it back to you within 48 hours of receiving it

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