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Aaaallll the writing resources you’ll ever need (to write articles, social media updates, headlines, taglines … the lot)
4 ways to add spunk to your writing (with botox and The Big Apple)
Taglines. Taglines. TAGLINES!
Why sucky writing means sucky sales, and why I’ll be seeing you up the wazoo
Get musical with your words
How to use a play on words
How to write stories in your marketing material (without using your own)
Why ’emotions sell’ is incomplete marketing advice
MORE taglines – are you kidding me?
How to increase your email open rates by 30%
Competition winners! Headline hints! Crazy hair!
Where should your best sales words be placed?
How to start writing when your mind has gone completely blank
Does thinking like a copywriter really transform your business?
Sass up your homepage and convert visitors to subscribers
What kinda writer are you? (Also: this isn’t a quiz)
How to effortlessly write an email autoresponder series and sell your services
Stop using boring words like empowered and passion and try these instead
Speed dating, 4 seconds, and eye contact online
Add some sass to your homepage (video)
Terrible customer service makes your marketing copy a big, fat lie
Does SEO writing zap your creativity?
One thing that massively improves your copy conversion (that most people miss)
How to use language your customers understand
Find your writing voice by borrowing from A-listers

Marketing 101

The Truth about Facebook ads
What can the guys at Kissmetrics teach you about landing pages?
How to be memorable
How to use big ad-agency tactics in your small business
Treating marketing as a nice-to-have is for your competition
Selling isn’t about what you sell. Click here to find what is
Why just be yourself is really terrible marketing advice
Does being good at marketing mean you have to manipulate?
Not doing this ONE THING will lose you thousands in profit
What does your marketing say about you?
Does your customer experience fit the expectations of your actual customers?
What’s the one thing standing between your audience and your email being read?
When’s the best time to discount your rates?
Create the urgency to buy by being persuasive, not pushy
Kevin Spacey, evil geniuses and what House of Cards can teach us about marketing
What’s the secret to writing emotionally engaging copy to sell?
3 pop-up form templates you’ll actually use
Have you missed these obvious secrets the gurus reveal about writing copy?
Ignore the numbers in your business: get some guts
Are you disappointing your customers?
How your customers will sell THEMSELVES on buying from you
Here’s what re-writing an ad for a major retailer looks like
Selling ice to Eskimos? Possibly the dumbest thing you can do
Ask what they want. Then give them what they need
Is Twitter really worth it for business?

How the F@!K did they do it (and was there wine)?

Interview with Kevin Cole
Interview with Lloyd Burnett
Interview with Makenna Johnston
Interview with Lydia Lee
Interview with JJ Carolan
Interview with Sally Mercedes

Your biz head

How to get your first client (even if you don’t have any experience)
Declare war on your dreams
Why Customer Service comes from the heart, even in the face of idiots
Erase the guilt of not working harder (or smarter, or faster, or whilst riding a unicycle)
No pause. No rewind. No fast forward
Quit your job, Prison Break style
Read this when you feel like giving up
The not-so-fine art of compromise
THIS will help you make better decisions
Stop waiting. Start winning
What to call your mastermind group and take over the world
How to ask for feedback for your copy (and what to do if you’re shot down)
How to deal with criticism like a boss
Professional or amateur? You decide
Are you suffering from comparisonitis?
Question: Should you show your prices on your website?

Life 101 – Essential Reading

Relentless Movement –> Whatever does it mean?
When living the dream becomes a total nightmare
Getting personal
When your job doesn’t involve a salary
Perspective. Bucks fizz. And the art of ‘you have arrived’
Rants, wasted energy, and THE MOTHER of all lists
100 days of rejection therapy – misery in the making
If you were offered 1 million dollars, would you turn it down?
When logic doesn’t work, pull out the big guns
Dieting? Just like finding your dream job …
Change your life: Don’t have goals
Insecurities, requisite reunions, and tequila
The things I want you to remember
Warning! You may find yourself (ironically) agreeing with this
The one where he stood me up
Are you with me?
Stop secretly loathing your business and take some time off already
Blatant truths bloggers understand (that nobody else does)


Podcast: How to find your voice and personality with your writing
Copywriting 101 – we talk headlines, copy and how startups can find a copywriter to work with

Raz guesting

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What Justin Timberlake can teach you about marketing
How to optimise your About page for conversions

4 essential ways to nail the voice of your client
Deception revealed: 6 bullshit blogging myths created by famous bloggers
5 essential steps to building your authority online

A short, snappy guide to writing a popular post on a huge blog
Get the biggest bang for your social media buck
How to build a Homepage that converts visitors into subscribers

Are You Losing Sales Because of Boring Copy? How to market and sell Apps

5 templates for opt-in forms that convert like wildfire

I’ve written a TON of articles (if they were weighed) on online business; from defining, starting and marketing. Get ’em here

Sweet Tea LLC

The strategy behind every email I send

Don’t be a loser loner – choose to have people in your life
Know which people in your life to ditch – and when
Why ‘have no regrets’ is the worst possible advice

The one where I reveal the tools I use to come up with words when a thesaurus just won’t do the job
How to pick a webinar topic and use 10 different ways to market it

Are you losing sales because of boring copy?

How to tell stories to build your brand

7 Big Mistakes You Are Making as an Entrepreneur

How to use stories to engage your audience

Essentials of an explosive About Page
14 smart ways to make your photos sell your brand
The 5-Step Process to Sales Calls That Convert

The truth about leaving your job for your business that nobody tells you

3 effortless ways to infuse personality into your brand

What is creativity to you?

Networking for friends

Read this if you’re not too happy with your mother right now
How to get exactly what you want
The shocking truth about arranged marriages (and why I had one)

The survivors guide to working abroad
The secret to nailing the job you want

YOU ALREADY HAVE a network. Find out where it is to land your dream job

Become a beaming light of confidence and totally badass

Knowing yourself + knowing your team = LEGENDARY leadership

Why you shouldn’t feel the fear and fucking do it anyway

Quit your job – even if you luurrrrvvvvvve it

Not technically my writing, but it is the words I spoke in writing (the rest of the world calls this an interview). S’all about beating that crappy thing called fear

Patience, Passion, Rebellion
Dreaming is bad for you. Do this instead.

You’ve never looked at fear like this before

A simple mindset shift for explosive change

The only way to live your dream life? Quit your dreams

The #1 Secret to Living Big that Successful People Don’t Want to Tell You

5 laws of a Parisian office
11 emotions of an expat in Paris