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"You are not the centre of your service"

When your sales messages fail to sell… here’s why

It took three conversations before the pattern emerged.

Three conversations that reviewed landing pages that Facebook ads would lead to.

Three conversations that asked and answered: What are you struggling with that ads will solve?

By conversation eight, I was shocked at how many times the same error came up.

And by the fifteenth one, I was completely blown away

Recently, I created an offer that sold out quicker than anticipated.

It offered business owners the opportunity to have a copywriter (hi! me!) write their Facebook ad for them for just $10.

No brainer, right?

Through the conversations that emerged, it became abundantly clear to me that the majority of business owners out there still struggle with the very basics of writing sales copy.

They think they struggle with finding their writing voice, representing their brand and structuring a sales page.

But what they actually struggle with? Is writing an opening line to any sales message and making it attractive to anyone but themselves.

This means they exhaust focus on the thing they’re good at and remain in their comfort zone.

They waste time perfecting a product/service when they should be investing that time in crafting a sales message that will do what it’s supposed to do – sell.

What this ultimately means is they lose the opportunity to sell their product/service/anything because they focus on themselves and themselves alone.

If you put up a sales page and nobody buys …

If you send emails to a list that doesn’t care enough to open them …

If your Facebook posts gets likes from the same people on repeat …

… I’ve news for you:


You are not the centre of your service


Not where your audience is concerned.

Not at the start of your sales page, email or post.

And certainly not before your brand becomes famous among your target audience.

Here’s what I mean.

When a business owner puts themselves at the centre of their service or offer, this is what they write in a sales message:

Buy my course on …
I created this book for …
My new 30-day challenge will give you …

Do you see the error?

When your audience read your sales page, the first thing they want to see is how your offer can help them.

Not how you can help them.

How your offer can help them.

They focus on solving their issue first, and who solves that issue second.

So when you write: buy myI created … in the very first section of your sales message, you’ve already lost their attention.

Eyes glaze over.

Focus moves onto something else.

And the sale goes to that other gal who put energy into learning how to write sales copy (or hired someone to write it for her).

So for your sales message to convert, take the focus off you and onto what value your service adds to the life of your audience.

Because the reality is this:


Your audience only care about you when your brand becomes something to care about


When it’s big.

When they see it before they see you (think: Ramit Sethi, Marie Forleo, Derek Halpern).

When the brand name becomes synonymous with providing a solution to a particular problem.

For everyone else who hasn’t reached that level of fame among their audience, you must try harder.

There’s no alternative.

Either learn to write sales copy or hire someone to write it for you.

There’s no point in spending time crafting the perfect service or product you know your audience will love, only for the sales message to not do its job.

Stop shooting yourself in the foot, getting in your own way or seeing your plans backfire.

Analyse sales messages.

Figure out why they work.

Experiment and improve with your own words until you see what converts.

Your product or service could be the perfect solution for your audience …

… but if your sales page doesn’t reflect that in  a way that’s attractive to your audience …

you’ve already lost.



In the video accompanying this article, I’ll talk through how you take a sales message that focuses on you, and edit it to focus on what your audience wants the most.

Click here to access it.




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