A 3-part video training series for coaches, teaching you how to refine your message, understand your audience, and create a Services page that converts passers-by into paying coaching clients

Website Messaging That Sells

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When it comes to writing their website Services page, here’s where most coaches go wrong:

  • They look at what other coaches have written on their page and figure it’s a good blueprint to follow (without knowing why it works) 
  • They look for templates to use, or copywriting formulas to apply, and after they’re left confused and misinformed ... go get ice cream 
  • And what really upsets me, is that they use standard words that other coaches use on their website, and then wonder why they’re not getting noticed (empower, passion, or live a life you love!, anyone?) 

Don't be one of them !

Instead ...

Identify what’s unique about you (it’s there, I promise) and weave this into your website.

 Make what you write so irresistible that your audience is left wondering: How are you reading my mind? And declaring: I WANNA HIRE YOU!

  • The 1-page exercise that not only refines your brand message, but solidifies the exact service you provide (read: so you stand out instead of blending in) 
  • How to bend, shape and cultivate your words so you not only succinctly say what you do, but you say it in a way that makes sense to your audience 
  • The secret to knowing whether or not your Services page will convert to paying clients before it’s even been published (most copywriters don’t share this technique <-- and I’m all about the sharing) 

Access this three-part video training and get:

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It’s a copywriting service for coaches that want to write bold and sell big. I teach you how to weave storytelling with personality-driven writing to help you not only sell your service, but change people’s lives in the process. I show you how to go from saying: I’m a business coach to saying: What would it be like to love your clients, be booked out for 12 months and never have to grovel for business again? Join me, and let’s get you there (it’s all about shaping your message)

I'm Razwana Wahid, founder of Relentless Movement

This video training is your secret weapon to intimately knowing what your audience will buy, how to shape a brand message that's true to you, and delivering this in a Services page that converts like wildfire

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