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MORE taglines. Are you kidding me?

By Raz WahidJanuary 26, 2014Values

Writing more taglines for big, recognisable brands … would be far too easy

Showing you how other brands nail their taglines… would be far too easy

Posting a video of a cat and a whale mating… would be totally irrelevant. And slightly disturbing.  

So instead, how about a follow-up post on how to actually craft your tagline? It’s like a follow-up appointment with your gyno, only without the spreading of legs or uncomfortable probing.  

Also –> I promise that will be the final irrelevant comment of the post.

Let’s get to it.

This post talked about what makes a rockin’ tagline, and gave examples of the different ways taglines add all sortsa fire to a business. We also did some tagline-creation of our own. Tagreation? Creatag? Moving on?

The first thing to do is to write down all the things your business delivers. What’s your end product? How do you do this differently compared to the comrades in your field? How would you describe the service you offer?

The second thing to do is to write down all the things your customer wants you to achieve for them. How do they want to feel? What dreams/ambitions do they have?

The last thing to do is to make like the cat and whale (or not….) and put it together.

Now we’ve got the theory down, let’s see some quick examples, shall we?

If you’re a children’s photographer, the service you deliver is a creative angle on portraits, or candid shots of children. Your customer wants to capture the childhood of their kids, memories, and keepsakes. So your tagline could be Capturing their innocence one frame at a time. Or – Making Fleeting Moments Last.

If you’re a career coach, the service you deliver is helping people find their perfect job/providing objectivity. Your customer wants the answer to the biggest issue they face – what’s next in my life? So your tagline could be Don’t just find a job. Design a life.  

If you’re a lion tamer, the service you deliver is stabilising an unruly lion. Your customer wants their lion to just calm the fuck down. So your tagline could be Lion Training Academy – freeing futures for ferocious felines.

Side note: If you ARE a lion tamer, please get in touch as I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET ONE, preferably dressed in your go-to outfit for a safari or something.


So .. now you know what to do. Shall we take a stab at some more taglines for you this week? Or, we could just come up with eccentric job titles and hold a tagline challenge? Either way, it’s time to pour a glass of red and dance to Dr Dre at Chez Raz …



  • Emma says:

    The service I deliver is: I switch lights off and pick up towels. My customer doesn’t even know they left the light on or the towel on the bathroom floor. My tagline: I am your mother. Another great post Raz, thank you.

  • Vishnu says:

    Good insights here, Razwana. I was looking forward to this post on tagline creation especially after that last post talking about effective headlines and giving us great examples of taglines. I was wondering how the magic happens.

    The takeaway here seems to be focus on what your customer wants to feel, achieve, accomplish – which takes the focus away from your perspective and what you want to say about your business to what the customer would want from your business. Am I getting this right?

    As you know, I’m going to be changing some of my taglines (yes, I have several lol) and looking forward to working with you and redoing them!

    By the way, I think the tagline for lion taming would be super unique -I mean, who in their right mind gets close to lions, let alone train them? haha. I would think simply “I tame lions” would do it. No questions asked. No references needed.

  • Razwana says:

    Short and to the point with lion tamers!

    I read a quote on Twitter today that said ‘People don’t buy products. They buy better versions of themselves’. That’s exactly what a tagline should be offering.

    And that’s exactly what we’ll weave into your tagline(s) when we work on em, Vishnu!

  • Anni May Jensen says:

    I would be interested to know what tag line you would suggest for a Gynaecologist?

    Have been thinking of a tagline that might work for me lately, shall now take into consideration your ideas here Raz.

    • Razwana says:

      If you want to work on some taglines together, Anni, just give me some deets on your venture/business and its benefits to the end consumer – and we can work on it RIGHT here on the blog (or on email if it’s a private thaang).

      Speaking of *private* things – taglines for a Gynaecologist….. hhhmmm ….

      – Spread. Probe. Done
      – My hands are warm, I promise
      – Your dignity? Returned, in 2 minutes or less

      Every guy reading this is regretting the very moment he started to ….

  • Steve says:

    I love these examples. Getting the right tagline is important because it makes it so much easier to get people to remember what your business is about.

    I think I have a good tagline for the children’s photography business. I would put “Remembering a smile” one frame at a time. Does that sound better to you than “capturing their innocence”? I don’t know, that’s what came to mind just now.

    Taglines seem to take some work. You have to ask questions about what you’re company is all about and what you have to offer. Then you also have to make it something people will remember. Make it too generic and it will just get lost among other taglines they’ve been exposed to throughout their lives. I guess that’s the key, isn’t it? Make it focused enough on your business, but at the same time, make it memorable enough to stick in people’s minds.

    • Razwana says:

      I agree. Perhaps that’s why taglines that rhyme or are jingle-esque stick in our minds? Our brains remember them because we don’t rhyme when we speak in every day language?

      Love your tagline for a children’s photographer, Steve. It’s worth remembering their smiles when they’re miserable teenagers !

  • Samuel says:

    Gotta to agree. Write down what your business stands for and what your business serves.

    Since my site is called “Internet Dreams”, my goal through my brand to is to help people make their dreams a reality on the Internet.

    So my tagline is “Make your Dreams a reality on the Internet”.

    Thanks for the post!

    – Sam

  • Shannon says:

    Raz, another helpful post with a twist of humor. 🙂 Great examples!

  • Rob McNelis says:

    Side note. Like your blog design. 🙂

    Is it custom or a theme? If its a theme which one?

    P.s. nice post.


  • Taheerah says:

    Hi Razwana,
    Good post and a good way to cover the basics of a tagline. Some people say the tagline is dead or dying, but I completely disagree with that and not just because I write them. I describe an effective tagline as a one-line elevator speech for your brand. I write copy for B2B companies and professionals, an industry that isn’t traditionally bold or edgy. I want to change this image, so I named my company Flesh and Brand and my tagline is “Copy that fits your brand’s every curve.” Anything you can do to stand out from the competition is a good thing, so why not create a tagline, right?

    On a side note, I like your bold tone, your gyno comment made me laugh out loud and simultaneously squirm in my chair. Kudos!


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